fishingFishing is known as the ‘patient sport.’ You might initially think that title belongs to Golfing, but you’d be mistaken. Fishing is undertaken for a variety of reasons, but catching fish isn’t always an intended goal. Sometimes the best fishing sessions are when you’re relaxed, laying back with a book in a little nook no one can find you in. It helps you absorb nature and acclimate, if only for a few hours, to your own little paradise.

Fishing is the sport that brings family and friends together because long efforts sitting down and waiting for that ever desired bite can yield some of the most interesting, thoughtful and deep conversations you will ever have. There’s a reason fishing has lasted far beyond the invention of surplus food resources.

If you’re new to fishing, welcome aboard! This hobby will provide you with much-needed downtime it would do anyone good to have. When starting out though, due to the jargon that’s accumulated over time, it can be difficult to figure out what equipment you really need. This list has everything you could possibly want to be included. Write this list down and take it into a fisherman’s store, and you’ll be good to go.

Also, make sure you have a premium destination where you won’t be bothered to fish. A professional and community-based focused organization like river fishing with Lance Fisher Fishing could serve you well, for example.



This is the basic piece of fishing equipment you can’t really go any further without. There are many to try, but a decent, shallow water fishing line should do you well here. Be sure to ask for the store owners recommendation, and ask about any accessories you might include in your purchase. Supports are popular because it means you don’t have to keep the rod upright at all times.



A pair of small deck chairs, one for you and one for a friend, are necessary for the long hours you’ll spend in nature. It also helps if weather conditions haven’t been as comfortable as they possibly could have been recent. Making sure that you bring these will give you a dry, warm bottom, and sometimes that’s all you need.



If you’re a novice fisher, you’re going to break the line. In fact, you’re going to break it a lot. Taking extra lines not only allows you to make those inevitable mistakes but relining a rod can help you learn about the components of the rod.



If the line breaks, you lose your hooks. Remember to bring them to re-attach when you inevitably bring in the catch incorrectly.



The fish need something to bite, or they won’t go for your line. Attract them using worms, colored pieces of fabric or even little insects to ensure you attract the best fish possible.


First Aid Kit


Anything can happen in nature, especially if you’re bringing and piercing insects on a sharp hook, and throwing it in the water. Be prepared and be safe with a First Aid Kit, and make sure it has all the essential items.
Having this list ready and to hand will set you up as a fisherman. Now you just need to use it. Cast a line today and watch your free time melt away into peace and solitude.

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