golfingGolf is a great game to get into. The courses are often set in some of the most beautiful places in the world, and getting out there on a sunny day is a brilliant way to waste an afternoon. Sports are also a great way to meet people. But it can be daunting stepping onto the green for the first time. You’ll be surrounded by seasoned players that make it look easy, while you flounder around, struggling to get out of the woods. If you want to avoid embarrassment, you need to know what you’re talking about. Here are a few tips that you can use to convince them that you’re a pro.

Good Clubs

Choosing the wrong club is an immediate giveaway that you’re an amateur, so knowing your clubs is key. You don’t need to be an expert, but you need to know the different types and what they are used for.


The first club you’ll need is your wood. The wood, so called because the head used to be made from wood, is the largest club in your set. These days the head is made from metal, but the name has stuck. They’re usually hollow, and have the longest shafts, so the player can get the fastest swing. This is the club you’ll use to tee-off with, as it gets the most distance.


golf clubs


Next are the irons. They usually have a solid head, as opposed to the hollow one that you’ll find on your woods. The shape of the head is also different, as it is thinner towards the bottom, giving it an angled blade shape. The angle helps you to get more lift on the ball. You will be using these clubs for mid-range shots, and occasionally for teeing-off if the course is a shorter one.


Then we have the wedges. They can still be considered an iron, but they have their own specific purpose. The angle is much greater as they are specifically designed to chip the ball. There are a few different types including the sand wedge, pitching wedge and the lob wedge. As a beginner the sand wedge is the most important one for you. You are likely to end up in a bunker, but you can still look like a pro if you get it out on your first try. Working out what’s the best sand wedge for you can help you to avoid the humiliation of getting stuck in a bunker.

If you make it to the green, then you’ll need a putter. They are only used for the final portion of the game, guiding the ball into the hole.


Proper Attire

Looking the part is another good way to convince your fellow players that you are a pro. Golfing attire etiquette is very important on a lot of courses, so make sure that you get it right. You need to wear a collared shirt, most clubs won’t let you play without one. Jeans are also a big no-go. Instead, wear some pleated trousers, or shorts in the summer months, but make sure they extend to the knee. A good pair of golf shoes is also vital, not only as part of the dress code, but because it will improve your stance and make your swing better.
If you follow this advice, you can convince everybody that you’re a golfing pro.  

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